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EP81: How blockchain-based Everipedia is disrupting the Wiki model

Everipedia is Wikipedia on the blockchain. What does that mean for privacy, openness and fair use?

It’s less than 2 weeks until the launch of the EOS blockchain and today we chat with Mahbod Moghadam, co-founder of Everipedia, a blockchain-based Wikipedia built on the EOS blockchain. Mahbod graduated from Yale in 2004 and was the co-founder of Rap Genius (now, which finds the meaning in song lyrics.

While building Rap Genius, Mahbod decided to create his own Wikipedia page, and was unpleasantly surprised that he wasn’t allowed. Apparently didn’t have a high profile, even after raising millions, to be accepted at

With the idea that anyone should be able to create a wiki page for themselves, he and a few other co-founders decided to launch as an “expansion pack” to Basically, if you weren’t popular or “cool” enough to get a Wikipedia page, you could create your own page on Everipedia.

Before you think that Everipedia is some scrub website, they imported all of the current Wikipedia articles. This means that they have over 6,000,000 unique articles to search from. Before you cry “plagiarism”, please remember that Wikipedia imported the articles of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Ok, everyone cool now?

Anyways, here’s some additional information about

Everipedia background:

  • over 6 million articles
  • No ads
  • Anyone can create an article and be an editor about anything, no censorship
  • Started with all of the wikipedia articles inside of it?
  • Hired Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia AND Everipedia
  • Raised $30M, fully funded by Block.One, the creators of the software

More fun facts, Everipedia didn’t start off as a blockchain project. They started as a website that offered reward points to incentivize authors and editors. Guess what? This influence model can’t complete with the tokenized world of blockchain. So, Everipedia networked with Block.One and raised $30M, complete bought by Block.One, and decided to be the first airdrop on the EOS platform. Ok, they didn’t drop their tokens first, but they were the first to announce. Why would they do this? Well, they want to build a community of content creators, editors and consumers. Airdropping your tokens on E OS means that you get and instant community of like-minded please. Pretty clever.

So, tune in to find out why their token, the IQ token, exists and how it incentivizes users and why they chose to build on the EOS blockchain. We’re just getting started with EOS and there’s going to be a LOT more dApps that decide to airdop in order to quickly build a community. If Dan Larimer learned one thing about Steem, it was that the initial token distribution is very important, and by incentivizing airdrops to EOS token holders, dApp team can take advantage of the year long ICO.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I’ve included all the links to keep up-to-date with the Everipedia team, Don’t forget to buy EOS tokens and register them ASAP in order to receive the free Everipedia IQ tokens. This isn’t investment advice. I don’t have any license, certification or experience to offer it. What you do with your money is your own business. I don’t care, and good luck.


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