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EP70: Why Everything You Know About Food is Wrong w/ Kevin Geary

The Problem: The government has lied to us about food for nearly forever. From unnecessary fears about saturated fats to a ridiculous idea that we need 8 servings of grains a day. Face it, we’ve been duped. Their food pyramid is a scam, but does that really surprise us?

Kevin’s Solution:

Build a podcast and online fitness and wellness platform based on his own, personal experience from being unhappy with his own health and how he transformed (aka rebooted) his own body.

Kevin went through a personal health transformation in 2009. He went for a physical and the doctor told him that he had high blood pressure and was close to becoming a diabetic. He likes to say that he “dieted” up to a weight of 225 lbs. The combination of calorie restriction and excessive exercise worked for a while, but then he’d crash and binge and lose all gains. He decided that something more permanent was needed. Kevin decided that he had a poor relationship with food and became very curious about his OWN body and how it works and wants rather than what some government or doctor tells him what will build a successful food relationship.

At the time, Kevin was the co-owner and instructor of a martial arts school at the time and wanted professional change too. During his own body transformation, some of his students started to take notice and asked him if he could help them. This demand slowly turned into a business opportunity. Remember, if there’s demand there’s a potential business opportunity.

So he emailed his list from the karate business and created a couples health and wellness program. It was successful! He had 7 couples that wanted to join and the Rebooted brand was started!

You don’t want to miss the part where we discuss sugar and how it’s actually a drug; hooking into your body and making you physiologically dependent. Yes, there’s a withdrawal period from sugar and Kevin chats about why it’s wise to take some time to be curious about your possible dependence.

Food Pyramid

Both Kevin and myself aren’t big fans of the state-sponsored food pyramid and remain quite skeptical. We discuss the origins of the pyramid and why it could have been politically manipulated rather than actually being created for our actual benefit. Sounds like a gov program, no?

For liberty-minded people, this is a MUST listen podcast. We’ve gotta take care of ourselves, we all know this, but Kevin breaks it down in very libertarian language. Remember, property rights are derived from the body so if you respect property then keep getting closer to the root.

Build Freedom,






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