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EP63: Digital Entrepreneurship During the 90’s Tech Bubble w/ Jeff Berwick
My guest today is Jeff Berwick, Founder of, Founder of The Dollar Vigilante, Host of Anarchast Podcast and creator of the largest Anarchist conference Anarchapulco.

What you are going to learn in this episode:

  1. What is was like to be a Digital Entrepreneur during the 90’s tech bubble
  2. Why Jeff started The Dollar Vigilante and what it’s purpose is
  3. Why working “crappy” jobs is better than going to high school
  4. How Bitcoin and blockchains are changing the way that digital communities are being created
  5. Why Anarchists should become entrepreneurs

A lot of us are just now learning about and trying to become digital entrepreneurs, but my guest Jeff Berwick has been one for over 20 years. Back in the 90’s, while working at a bank, he created the website which had ~20,000 subscribers. The site was basically the of Canada. After growing to 250 employees in 12 countries, Jeff experienced the Tech Bubble crash and found himself with only 12 employees all in Canada.

After reading The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, Jeff decided to sell and travel the world to find economic truths. He had figured out that the government’s money (aka fiat money) was a fraud and a ponzi scheme and dedicated his life to helping others see this truth.

In 2011, Jeff was introduced to Bitcoin and it changed his life. Not only was Bitcoin a global currency, it was also not controlled by a nation state and was limited in supply. Jeff quickly realized that this mean the Freedom of Money could once again be had by the general populous. He created a successful economic and investing newsletter called The Dollar Vigilante to help others understand the fraud of paper currency.

Since then, Jeff has created the Anarchast podcast as well as the “world’s largest Anarchist Conference” in Anarchapulco (where I will be speaking in Feb 2017).

Networking with like-minded people is so important and I highly recommend you check out the Anarchapulco conference. Sign up through my affiliate link and receive 10% off the listed price.

Sign-up using affiliate code libertye. You will save on the ticket and it will also help support the Liberty Entrepreneurs podcast!

I hope you enjoy hearing Jeff chat about the early days of the Internet as well as Bitcoin. Don’t miss the end where Jeff gives his advice for young entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their journey.

Build Freedom,




“To become an Entrepreneur, find something that you can offer at a better price or better a quality than other people can”

“Money is just a tool to transfer value between two people”

“How is being an Entrepreneur any different than just being human and living life?”



Anarchapulco: (**Remember to use promo code libertye for 10% off the conference ticket price**)
The Dollar Vigilante:



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