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EP24: Hannah Braime – Journaling To Freedom

When many people think about “creating freedom”, they discuss ending the War on Drugs, how to end the War in the Middle East or maybe how to End the Federal Reserve.

Let’s face it, you have little to no control over these events. Instead of focusing on the macro issues, Hannah Braime of dives in to the more personal, micro aspects of freedom and how journaling and self-reflection is a much better approach. Only attempt to control what you can!

Hannah has a ton of experience and wisdom and gives us insight on how journaling has created more peace, calm and freedom in her own life. It’s really not that difficult of an idea, but staying consistent and working through the discomfort tends to get the best of us….at times. We discuss Hannah’s first entrepreneurial experience in the UK as well as her journey from working on a personal support hotline to her experience writing her book, The Ultimate Guide to Journaling.