The Problem:

The CIA is hacking the world with Vault7.

Paul Puey and Airbitz Solution

I recently met Paul Puey at the Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico and I left quite impressed with how Paul communicates the value of Airbitz and how they were founded on both security and customer service. This was one of my favorite episodes and is packed with value stemming from Paul’s experience in software engineering and small business.  He saw Bitcoin as a solution for the cash-based industries like food/service but quickly found that there was an ease-of-use aspect in cryptocurrency wallets.  


Thanks to Wikileaks, we’ve recently learned about the CIA’s “Vault7” suite of apps that is designed to hack nearly anything with a microphone and camera.  It seems that nothing is safe. We discuss how severe and dangerous the revelation actually is and how Airbitz is trying to protect your digital money and information.  

Why Airbitz uses Decentralized Bitcoin Nodes

Paul mentions that some wallets host their own bitcoin nodes (aka their communication channel to the Bitcoin network) whereas Airbitz has a very robust, decentralized network of nodes which protects against node outage not allowing you to place a btc transaction.  Check out the end of the conversation where we discuss how Airbitz offers a smart-fee system to help your transactions get confirmed quickly.

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Paul Puey – CEO and Co-founder of Airbitz




Ashe’s Anarchapulco Presentation:

“Anarchy 3.0 – Building Freedom through Entrepreneurship”

Interview with Will Pangman (previously of Airbitz):