Trace Mayer Show Notes:

Being the CEO of your Own Life

What is a lifestyle designer, and what are your goals?

Read Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)

By Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

(please use our affiliate link to buy with 20% off)

Trace’s Podcast: Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Four Categories to Design Happiness (Flow) into your lifestyle:



B)Mental iTunes / Android App IQBoost

Cold Showers – The Scottish Showe

Being uncomfortable is when you don’t have control of your situation:


Supplements: Lion’s Main Mushroom – can regrow nerves and brain cells: $30 to $60 bucks a month

Alpha Brain

Planting 6 Flags: Residency, Citizenship, Spending Your Time, Bank Accounts, Investments, Digital Life

Junction Points – How Architects Create Quiet in NYC – build a building inside of another building

How does this concept apply to creating an insulated life?

“Bitcoin is great because it gives you control at the root level of your wealth.”


How does Trace take things he comes across, and integrate them to improve his life?

“You just have to engage in experimentation on your own”

The sickness industry vs. the health industry

7 different network effects as they apply to bitcoin investing

Trace’s asset allocation strategy

Why does Trace measure net worth in terms of days?

Last Pillar of life: Relationships

Money is the scorecard for how well an entrepreneur is serving people

But, money isn’t everything

4 pillars of Relationships

1) Physical

2) Emotional

3) Intellectual

4) Spiritual / Philosophical

Example of a life CEO who is stuck with a result he may not be happy with: Ross Ulbircht of the Silk Road

Harvard Business Press: The Outsiders – about 8 CEO’s who brought in outsized returns to shareholders. What did they have in common? Their ability as capital allocators. This is what we must do in our own lives. (please use our affiliate link to buy with 20% off)

Be careful not to get addicted to the dark side of Flow, like Ulbircht did.

How Trace got into bitcoin

“I like buying gold because nobody has ever gone broke owning gold. Gold has never gone to zero. It does fluctuate in price, but its never gone to zero. Guess what, nobody has gone broke owning bitcoin.

What advice does Trace have for young entrepreneurs?

*Go watch Steve Jobs’ commencement speeches

*Read book The Holographic Universe

*Read Book Life Before Life (please use our affiliate link to buy with 20% off)

*Watch movie The Cokeville Miracle

“We don’t do things because they are easy. We do them because they are hard. Life? We’re gonna climb it. That’s what’s so fun about this.”

“If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.”

“Everybody, just live Epic!”