Sergio Demián Lerner – Chief Scientist of RSK Labs

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On today’s episode:

Sergio Demián Lerner – Chief Scientist of RSK Labs

Worldwide-known Security Consultant

Cryptocurrency designer (Designed more than 50 improvements to Bitcoin)

Security adviser for the Bitcoin Foundation

Found critical vulnerabilities in Bitcoin Core, Bitcoinj, and Ethereum among others

RootStock – Bitcoin Sidechain

2009: Writes a University thesis about peer to peer poker, without any central casino. The problem: now I can play poker, but I don’t have money to play poker.

3:57 Sergio develops the first turing complete platform called QixCoin in 2013 – only for online gaming, but it could do a lot more.

4:07 What can you do with a smart contract platform?

5:25 Smart Contracts: “Everywhere you see a third party, there might be a way to remove the third party.”

7:26 What is a sidechain? Why is it important?

Bitcoin should advance slowly. Sidechains can move faster in experimentation.

10:14 What exactly is Rootstock?

11:44 Sergio has started four bitcoin startups in Buenos Aires that are successful including:

WayniLoans – Peer to Peer lending in Latin America –

Coin Fabric


13:14 – Sergio gives advice to a developer just starting to get interested in bitcoin. Sergio gave advice two years ago to a friend: Go to website, then Sergio gave him a job. Now companies from all over the world come to this developer, because he is one of the best in the world at this particular skill.

Regarding Bitcoin: “What I say to programmers is there is a huge opportunity to become an expert in this field.”