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This is Episode 6, From Amish Markets to Bitcoin, with our guest Will Pangman, Director of Marketing for AirBitz. Please follow us on twitter at @libertyepodcast and https://www.facebook.com/LibertyEntrepreneurs/. Show notes are found on our website, www.libertyentrepreneurs.com, as well as on Youtube.

Hosted by Justin Blincoe @jpblincoe on Twitter.

Will is the Marketing Manager of Airbitz, a company dedicated to increasing bitcoin adoption around the world while staying true to the decentralized principles behind blockchain technology.

In the recent past, Will has been involved with the Bitcoin personal finance app, Tapeke, the Bitcoin Foundation’s Education Committee, the College Cryptocurrency Network, Digital Chamber’s Bitcoin Education Day on Capitol Hill, the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project and the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium. He’s also a frequent guest on the World Crypto Network’s weekly live panel show, The Bitcoin Group.

2:00 Will’s first entrepreneurial experiences

3:15 Buying Amish goods and selling for a premium

7:58 – Will tells about his first experience with bitcoin in 2012

13:00 Blockchain vs Bitcoin from an insider

13:30 What is the Blockchain Agenda?

44:15 Will requests you try out the Airbitz appp at: airbitz.co/app

Youtube: Airbitz

26:09 Tools Will uses for effective marketing

34:20 Networking tips: Meetup.com as the best networking tool ever – how to run a sustainable Meetup

3x:xx: Will’s book recommendations: The World’s Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino, Art of Learning, Josh Waitzkin, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

39:50: Will’s most influential entrepreneurs: Cody Wilson, Amir Taaki, Aaron Swartz, Sarah Blincoe

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Twitter: @Willwaukee / @Airbitz

Slack: join slack.airbitz.co to join the Airbitz community